China United Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CUCI), founded in 1978, specializes in foundation exploration and testing of geotechnical engineering. By following the protocol of latest geotechnical mechanics, we provide analytical reports and integrated foundation design services that conform to each particular specification for different projects.


Design safe and sustainable geotechnical structures involving the process of the interactions of acting forces. The structure and its surrounding geomaterials must have compatibility during the interaction. However, current protocols of geotechnical mechanics are integrated by many empirical formulas that still differ from each other. They are lacking of strong mathematical model support in accordance with classical physics and engineering mechanics. Ideal compatibility models for interactions of structure and soil also are not available. Therefore, there is no perfect protocol in dealing with practical geotechnical engineering problems on the market by far.


Over more than 30 years of researches and practices, CUCI insights an innovated theory, based on the findings in physics, that all aggregated particulate geomaterials present only one essential parameter. And coupled with intergranular, time-dependent principal stress, the shear stress can be initiated using this parameter. Based on the evidences, we have proved that such theory to be true. Elasticity-Changingt-Plasticity model (ECP model) thereby has been developed, following processes of deduction and verification, that totally conform to the logic of mechanics. For all kinds of probable geotechnical instabilities, by using the proposed ECP model, we can clearly define the causal relationship from elastic to plastic of stress conditions within the soil body thereby indicating the limiting boundaries of safety and instability. Effective mitigation measures or valuable schemes can be developed based on the cause of instability. Such solutions can be conveniently presented or shared world-wide with others using internet connections.


Our History



  • The first year of internet network services, CUC has renamed to CUCI, and entering the global market using business model of network collaboration and profit sharing for geotechnical disaster prevention and mitigation.
  • Provide geotechnical analytical reports using ECP model. It is developed based on the confirmed causes of disaster and CUCI provides effective prevention or mitigation measures or solutions.


  • Discovered the spacetime of phase change of the kinetic friction for aggregated particulate geomaterials. Then, the only mathematical model, ECP model, that conforms to mechanics was developed and it has three independent spacetime phases.
  • ECP predicts various geotechnical instabilities based on the intergranular internal time-dependent principal stress path.
  • Developed various numerical predictable solutions and remedial methods can be thus proposed for various geotechnical instabilities.



  • Awarded the Approval of Engineering Construction Standard, DB37/T5038-2015; J13183-2015, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Shandong Province, China.


  • Awarded the Approval of Technical Specification for CMC Hydrostatic Pressure Relief System, ISO17025 Material Verification and ISO17065 Procedures Verification, DBJ/CT077-2010; DBJ/CT177-2016, Shanghai City Government, China
  • Established Shanghai Yu-An Business Management and Consulting Services, Inc. Promoted the products of “CMC Hydrostatic Pressure Relief System” and the top-notched geotechnical expertise of CUC.


  • CUC and CMC both passed ISO9000 certification of TÜV.
  • Measurement Instrument Co., Ltd. (MICO) renamed to China Measurement Co., Ltd. (CMC) specialized in turnkey construction for the control of seepage uplift for hollow deep foundation-“Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Construction Method for Foundation Base”


  • Insight the kinetic friction angle and its associated time-dependent principal stress to be the dominant factor for intergranular kinetic friction of geomaterials.
  • Developed a “Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Construction Method for Foundation Base” that intelligently controls the buoyancy induced uplift seepage pressure of the foundation base according to the natural principle.


  • Established a subsidiary company – Measurement Instrument Co., Ltd. (MICO) to conduct various geotechnical engineering monitoring projects.
  • Dedicated to the development of time-dependent principal stress-strain model for solid particulate materials of soil/rock.

Founded in 1983

  • Founded China United Engineering Consultant Inc. (CUC).

Specialized in geotechnical engineering services based on typical geotechnical mechanics: foundation explorations, laboratory testing, field instrumentation and monitoring, foundation analysis and report.


Authorized Collaboration Business

CUCI has accumulated over 40 years of experiences in geotechnical engineering and laboratory testing. We found different geotechnical particulate materials each presents its own essential constant parameter. Based on our findings, we deduced a numerical model, “Elasticity-Changingt-Plasticity” (ECP) which conforms to the consistency and the compatibility of mechanics and mathematics. It is the only model by far that can reasonably predict the stress-strain behaviors of particulate particles of solid soil/rock. It clearly indicates the three independent spacetime phases of elasticity, changing with time, and plasticity that the all soil/rock materials will experiences during an instability. It also predicts the boundary conditions between the elasticity and the plasticity. The intergranular time-dependent principal stress path within the time-dependent changing spacetime phases also can be calculated as well. Based on all these information, we can predict the tendency of instability and therefore offer an effective mitigation measure.

Use of the top notched ECP model, CUCI is capable of offering various numerical analyses for different geotechnical instabilities. We also have developed patented engineering solutions with optimized solution for certain geotechnical problems. We call for world-wide geotechnical professionals who can be our authorized partners to mutually share our business with innovation and beneficial values.

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Qualification and Certification


Collaboration in six countries or territories

Over 101,000 conducted engineering cases.

Over 50 accreditations, patents, certificates and awards

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